About Us

Unimpressed with how the stocking industry does not support a sustainable fashion practice, in the sense of a more durable and long-lasting range of stockings, we assembled a team of passionate garment innovators to take it on. By looking at how people move, we make garments that are break-through in their design, manufacturing techniques, materials and most importantly structural resilience.

We have been manufacturing stockings and hosiery products since 1985 and employs people working on everything from producing the brand’s own yarn through to knitting it into the final product. With such control over the entire hosiery manufacturing process, and a team of people dedicated to research and development, our brand is able to innovate and continually improve the quality of its tights and stockings.

Our Technology

A lot of hosiery is made from core-spun yarn, where fibres are tightly wrapped around a ‘core’ – typically polyester – for strength. However stockings made from core-spun yarn are prone to unravelling. To avoid that, our stockings are made with different technology that makes them more run-resistant than your average sheer hosiery. Our nylon-elastane blend stockings are made with ‘air covered’ yarn, a state-of-the-art hosiery fabric manufacturing technology, in which the nylon fibre filaments are combined with the elastane via compressed air, leading to a powdery-soft finish. Try it for yourself – and you will agree that our stockings are silky smooth and incredibly soft to the touch.

By looking at what was needed, not what was done, we created something radically different with our products. But we’re not stopping there. So here’s to Indestructible Stockings.

Stretchy Indestructible Stockings